Welcome to the Kitty Katz Club!

Kitty Kat is a smart caring tomboy princess, who loves to dance sing and play dress up. she also loves to play football in the mud, climb trees, sing and jump in the rain.

Custard is Kitty’s best friend, he is a fun loveable orphaned cat who loves wearing different coloured glasses. He is sometimes shy and nervous but together the friends work as a team and always help save the day.

Story book adventures

Kitty and Custard fly on the magic fun bus and land at different destinations making lots of new friends, experiencing challenges, solving problems, working together and having heaps of fun and laughter.

Each thrilling adventure is supported by an interactive CD and story books filled with songs, dance and make-believe that carry a positive message – encouraging confidence, bravery, team building and lots of imagination along the way. Here it doesn’t matter who you are, you can just be yourself in the Kitty Katz Club world!