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Introducing Kitty Katz Club

Kitty Katz Club is created by Sarah Milne Diogenous, with illustrations by Anna Stylianidou and music arrangement by Stavros Makris.

Sarah has taken many years to develop the project which is already loved by many local children, parents and teachers alike in her home of Cyprus.

Sarah is a picture book writer, drawer, singer-songwriter, dancer and actress. She founded and created Kitty Katz Club in 2011 which is now becoming a conglomerate with new animated videos. Her debut title ‘The Lost Hat’ is published in April 2017 by Austin Macauley publishers.

Sarah wrote, created the characters, drew the pictures and wrote the songs for The Lost Hat, after a special request by local schools. It was greatly received by the school community, and Kitty Katz Club grew to be taught to over 600 children a week, so Sarah embarked on another book – and is now on her seventh story. The Kitty Katz Club has now developed into a whole programme of stories, songs, acting and movement. Each book accompanies a narrative listen and sing-along CD.

With the launch of an animation video of the song ‘Rowing My boat’ from The Lost Hat, the Kitty Katz Club continues to develop and go from strength to strength.

About the author

Sarah was raised in her early years in Saudi Arabia where she attended an American school. Her family moved to the UK and she was brought up in south Wales, where her small and loving family home was always filled with music, dance and laughter. She shared a big garden with her younger brother James, where play included climbing trees wearing wellingtons and a ra-ra skirt, swinging on tree swings, playing with dolls and making mud pies. Sarah particularly enjoyed creating mud make-up for her next show performance for family and friends!

Sarah trained as a Nursery Nurse teacher and later auditioned and completed a BA (Hons) in Dance and Theatre Performance at Bird College of Performing Arts in London. Enjoying a professional career in the industry, Sarah moved abroad for a new adventure and set up home in Cyprus. She is Founder and Principal of Cyprus Performing Arts and currently teachers local and international students all Performing Arts genres. Sarah and her team also teach Kitty Katz Club books and movement to local Nursery and Primary schools.

Sarah spends her time between London and Cyprus teaching, writing and mentoring. She shares a home with her family, her dog Pooh Poohs and her street cat Bobetta.

The Kitty Katz Club stories are full of songs, dances and stories of friendship. They are uplifting and enchanting, with a positive messages about bravery, team-building and helping one another. The Lost Hat Part 1 is coming soon!

Meet Sarah and learn more about the series

Find out more about Kitty Katz Club syllabus and hear from Sarah in this video by ISTD.