New book: The Lost Hat

Kitty Kat is on her way to Primrose Park for a picnic, when she finds a hat at the gate. As Kitty decides to find the owner of the hat, she embarks on a journey that will take her far and wide and to new, exciting adventures!

Kitty takes a boat ride across the lake where she meets the King of Primrose Lake, Mr Swan, and hip-hopping Mr Frog. Finally she meets the Primrose Marching Band, and dances and sings all the way around the park until she finds out who the hat belongs too.

This enchanting story of The Lost Hat is about friendship and helping each other. The Lost Hat will have you and your family dancing and singing all day.

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The Lost Hat is Part 1 of the Kitty Katz Club Picnic Adventures Trilogy. Coming soon: Part 2 Brilliant Ballerina Bumpalina, and Part 3 Beatrice No Buzz!